Cozy seminar room in Hanover Laatzen

We offer a comfortable seminar room and meeting room for up to 15 participants.


There is a smart room for seminars and workshops in Hannover Laatzen: a cozy seminar room that offers the perfect environment for inspiring and efficient events. With its classic furnishings, location on the 3rd floor and calm atmosphere, this space is a place where ideas can flow and innovations can flourish.

So why should you choose an external location like this seminar room instead of simply holding the seminar in the office? The reasons for this are diverse and crucial to the success of the event.

First of all, an external location offers a welcome change from everyday work life. By leaving the usual office context, participants can get a breath of fresh air and concentrate better on the content of the seminar. The change in environment also stimulates creativity and promotes a more open exchange of ideas between participants.

Another key advantage of an external location is the ability to minimize distractions. There are always disruptions in the office due to phone calls, emails or unexpected meetings. However, in a separate seminar room, participants can work undisturbed and concentrate fully on the seminar content.

In addition, a cozy seminar room like this one in Hannover Laatzen offers a professional atmosphere that underlines the value and importance of the seminar. The modern facilities and the careful design of the room help ensure that participants feel comfortable and actively participate in the seminar.

There is approximately 60 m² of space available. The tables are arranged according to your requirements.

Of course we offer you free WiFi. A large wall-mounted TV is available for your presentations. All you need is a device with an HDMI connection and you can throw your pictures on the wall.

Depending on the customer's wishes, we provide breakfast, lunch and all kinds of snacks. Water, coffee and tea are also available upon request.

Last but not least, an external location also offers logistical advantages. The seminar room in Hannover Laatzen is easily accessible and offers sufficient parking spaces for participants. There are also restaurants nearby where participants can relax and recharge during breaks.

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Speaking of hotels. If you have participants coming from out of town, we have a total of 27 rooms available where participants can stay overnight so that they can take part in the seminar well rested and relaxed.

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Here you can see pictures of the seminar room and the TV.

A flipchart is of course also available.